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FIELD FEE- All day, unlimited HPA (compressed air) or 1 free fill CO2.$20.00 (+ tax)
Paintball Marker$5.00
Mask rental$2.00
Paintballs- Varied prices starting at 500 paintballs for $12.00
Rental ammo belt with 2-140 round tubes ( does not include paintballs )$2.00
Protective Vest rental$2.00

(Virginia state tax will be added to all prices)

CO2 and Compressed Air Prices (on non Open Days)

9 oz$3.00
12 oz$4.00
16 oz$5.00
20 oz$6.00
24 oz$7.00

(Virginia state tax will be added to all prices)

Compressed Air

3000 psi (1 fill)$3.00
4500 psi (1 fill)$4.50
All day unlimited$8.00

(Virginia state tax will be added to all prices)

To reserve the field, a minimum of 15 players is required. A $150.00 deposit, which will be applied to your field fees, is required within 7 days of booking the date in order to guarantee your reservation. Field fees are $10.00 + tax per player which includes 1 fill of CO2 up to 12 oz. or 1- 3000 HPA fill.

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